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Exchange programmes

One of the most common ways of coming to study in Catalonia is as part of an exchange programme like Erasmus +. These programmes offer scholarships, grants and other helpful aids for academic life, and give students the chance to study degree subjects in other universities, which are later validated by their home university. The programmes usually last for six months.

Every faculty has an office for dealing with international students. Staff provide students with information about the faculty or school where they are to study, help with administrative procedures (enrolment, timetables, etc.) and put them in contact with the coordinator. There are welcome programmes that help visiting students to get to grips with the methods of study and to integrate easily into the student community. In addition, every exchange programme has some type of scholarship or grant intended to cover basic expenses linked to following a course of study and other costs incurred during the period of study.

For more information on these programmes, contact the information points on mobility programmes at your home university.

The abovementioned programmes are those that are best known by students. However, each university in Catalonia has a number of bilateral conventions and agreements with other universities around the world. More information on these conventions can be obtained at the university international relations office or in the relevant sections of the website of the university in question.

Update:  24.05.2017