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Studying for a second university degree / Continuing university studies

To embark on a bachelor’s degree course at a Catalan university, you will first need to have your first degree qualification recognised or validated, by submitting all the required documents to the Spanish Ministry of Education or to the Delegation of the Spanish Government in Catalonia (Barcelona). The documents you provide must be legalised or translated by an official translator. You should then carry out the university pre-enrolment process, submitting the official recognition of your degree.

If you have already started a degree course in your own country and you would like to continue at a Catalan university, you should contact the university faculty or school offering the same (or similar) study programme in order to carry out the subject validation process. If more than 30 ECTS credits are validated/recognised, the centre can authorise enrolment directly.

Documentation for validation:

  • Certificate of marks for all subjects taken and passed.
  • Syllabus with all subjects that make up the degree course and the length in academic years, with the original stamp of the university.
  • Programmes of the subjects studied to be validated with the original stamp of the university.
  • Proof of nationality (passport, ID card).
  • Application form.

All documents must be official, original (or certified copy), issued by the competent authority, legalised through diplomatic channels or with the Hague apostille and translated into Spanish by an official translator.

If the result is the validation of fewer than 30 ECTS credits (between 1 and 29), you should apply for university pre-enrolment including the validation decision issued by the university, bearing in mind that you can only apply to study at the university that has validated the credits. Your university entrance mark will be 5.00. The certificate accrediting the validation of credits issued by the university where you wish to continue your studies must be presented upon pre-enrolment.

Update:  25.05.2017