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Engineering and Architecture

  • Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Medical Imaging and Applications (MAIA)

    The European Master's Degree in Medical Imaging and Applications (MAIA) coordinated by the partner universities of the University of Girona (UdG, Spain), the University of Bourgogne (UB, France) and the Università degli Studi di Cassino i del Lazio Meridionale (UNICLAM, Italy), responds to current industry needs in the analysis and processing of medical images. The mobility programme has been organised in line with an educational progress plan focused on improving learning, according to which the university where the semester is delivered has been chosen on the basis of their experience, their research and education installations and their teams. The UB has cutting edge installations in medical imaging systems and acquisitions, while UNICLAM focuses on automatic and optimisation learning strategies and, finally, the UdG is mainly concerned with the development of CAD and specific applications.

  • Master in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (AMASE) - Erasmus Mundus

    If you are looking for advanced training in the engineering of new materials, specialising in the design and development of materials in a wide range of industrial sectors, this is the course for you. The Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering is offered by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in partnership with four prestigious European universities.

  • Master in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering/Matemàtica Avançada i Enginyeria Matemàtica

    Would you like to improve your knowledge of mathematics and be able to apply mathematical techniques and analysis to project management and development? The master's degree course in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering offers you on-campus training at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

  • Master in Aerospace Science and Technology

    Official one-year Master's degree taught in English. It is studied at UPC in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the French National Centre of Space Studies.

  • Master in Applied Chromatographic Techniques

    The master’s degree in Applied Chromatographic Techniques will enable you to broaden your knowledge of processing samples, solving all kinds of analytical problems, planning and organising analytical chemistry research and the use and understanding of mass spectrometry. You will be able to apply all this knowledge in different fields of science and technology, or work in the food, veterinary, pharmaceutical or petrochemical industries or health, environmental control or research laboratories.

  • Master in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering Management - MASTEAM

    This official university two-year master's degree aims to train professionals capable of designing new ICT projects and assessing traditional sectors (small and medium-sized enterprises and authorities) on access to and full use of these tools. It provides the option of specialising in two areas: Telecommunications Services and Networks and Telecommunications Policies and Business Management.

  • Master in Artificial Intelligence

    This Master programme is for one and a half years, and is taught entirely in English. This course introduces students to various subjects, including electronic engineering, computer engineering, mechanical and aeronautical engineering, the cognitive sciences, mathematics, etc., as it pertains to research in artificial intelligence.

  • Master in Biodigital Architecture

    The university master's degree course in Biodigital Architecture is a pioneering programme that combines architecture, biology and new digital trends, tracing points of contact between the new techniques of cybernetic and digital projection and ecological and environmental approaches. An innovative approach to architecture inspired by areas such as genetics and generative sciences, the relationship between the natural and digital worlds, and the impact of new biologies. This is a non-conventional form of architecture that applies and promotes genetic and digital principles of variation, mutation and hybridisation.

  • Master in Building Construction Engineering

    Official Master's degree lasting a year and a half, targeted at architects and engineers.  It deals with advanced building techniques, sustainability in construction and quality of processes and products.  Research tools and methodologies are also studied.  It provides two options for specialising: technology and management.

  • Master in Building Construction Management

    The aim of this degree course is to train professionals who are able to influence the processes involved in construction company management and direction and bring about improvements. The course covers economic, quality, project and built heritage management and health and safety.

  • Master in Business Innovation and Technology Management (BITM)

    For those interested in learning strategies to improve innovation in business, Emagister.com offers its Master's Degree in Business Innovation and Technology Management (BITM), a course taught by the University of Girona (UdG). The master's degree course focuses on innovation in business and participants will gain in-depth knowledge of techniques for managing technology in the business context.

  • Master in Chemical Engineering

    Official Master's degree studied in English over two academic years. It aims to train its pupils in the design of chemical engineering processes and products with a clear commitment to the I+D sustained by the industry. It has a clear focus on creating professionals and tries to instil qualities of leadership, management and entrepreneurship.

  • Master in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management - CoMEM - Erasmus Mundus

    If you want to expand your knowledge and acquire skills in coastal engineering management, trade and the environment in this sector, the Master in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management - CoMEM - Erasmus Mundus offers training provided by five prestigious European universities among which is the Technical University of Catalonia.

  • Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media

    Official one-year Master's degree taught in English and dealing with the cognitive, interactive and emotional relationship of the new electronic technologies that make up our environment. The aim of the course is to illuminate understanding of the strengths and differences of each medium.

  • Master in Computational Mechanics - MCM - Erasmus Mundus

    The Masters in Computational Mechanics is intended for those students who desire to gain a deeper knowledge in the field of computational mechanics. This two year masters program focuses in the area of computational mechanics with emphasis in solids, fluids, and interdisciplinary fields. Students are also exposed to the role innovation and entrepreneurship play in the industry. Students in this program will develop skills in modeling, formulation, analysis, and implementation of simulation tools for advanced engineering problems. Students will learn how these skills apply in the context of business and innovation. Students will be taught by leading academics. Students have the option to take the Masters as a professional terminal degree or in preparation for a Ph.D. degree.

  • Master in Computer Engineering

    Have training in the field of computer science, engineering or information technology and want to expand your knowledge and professional skills? If so, the university Master's Degree in Computer Engineering offers you training designed by the Open University of Catalonia directed at innovation in computer systems and technology.

  • Master in Computer Engineering

    This official Master's degree lasting one and a half years ranges from computer design to software and all the related services that make them accessible to society.  It is primarily targeted at graduates and engineers willing to complete their knowledge on computer engineering by following main breakouts and techniques related to different fields on computer science.

  • Master in Computer Engineering: Computer Security and Intelligent Systems

    Official university master's degree from the School of Technical Engineering of the URV. It lasts two academic years (90 ECTS) and is studied in English, with some subjects in Catalan or Spanish. It allows the graduate to focus on research and specialise professionally in management of projects related to computer security, development of intelligent systems and advanced ICT applications.

  • Master in Computer Vision

    This official Master is coordinated by the UAB, with the participation of 4 Catalan universities, to provide methods and foundations in the emerging technology computer vision. This is a one-year programme taught in the afternoon, entirely in English.

  • Master in Electronic Systems Engineering and Technology

    Official Master's degree in electronic engineering studied over just one year in Catalonian, Spanish and English.  It prepares students both for research in electronic engineering and for professional development in the area of designing electronic equipment and automatic production systems.

  • Master in Energy Engineering

    Official two-year Master's degree providing 4 specialisation itineraries: renewables, electrical, thermal energy and energy management. Study current energy problems from various angles: resources, technologies, transport, impact, efficiency, saving and rational use of energy.

  • Master in Flood Risk Management - FloodRisk - Erasmus Mundus

    This Erasmus Mundus Masters in Flood Risk Management program focuses on the holistic approach to manage flood risk. The holistic approach to flood management allows students to learn about a wide range of topics from natural processes to socio-economic consequences. Students have a unique opportunity to understand and learn about the modern innovation used in the flood management industry. Students also experience the technical aspects of flood management. This program allows students to travel to three different universities in Europe, while earning a degree in Flood Risk Management.

  • Master in Free Software

    If you have previous training in the IT sector, programming or new technologies and want to expand your knowledge of the world of free software, do not miss this opportunity: an official university master's degree in free software from the Open University of Catalonia You will receive top quality training that will enable you to meet the demand from businesses in this sector.

  • Master in Geotechnical Engineering

    Official Master's degree lasting two academic years on land engineering, hydrogeology, geophysics and seismic engineering. It hopes to provide a response to the need for experts in these materials forming specialists in geophysics and seismic engineering.

  • Master in Industrial Engineering

    The master’s degree in Industrial Engineering will train you and provide you with scientific and technological knowledge to work as an industrial engineer. This master’s degree from the University of Lleida will enable you to create, calculate and design innovative products, processes and facilities and direct, plan and supervise multidisciplinary teams, companies and technology centres. You will be able to carry out research and apply it to constructive production, quality and environmental management systems. You will also be able to direct R&D&I projects and will learn to apply this knowledge in sectors such as aeronautics, the chemical, electronics and energy industries.