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Social and Legal Sciences

  • Master in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control

    The implementation in Europe of international accounting standards and the number of changes occurring in the business world have made the figure of auditor a key one. This master’s degree course at the University of Lleida will help you gain in-depth knowledge of working methods, risk analysis and management control, to train you professionally in controlling the liquidity of business and organisations.

  • Master in Advanced in Legal Sciences

    This official university master's degree may be taken full-time over just one year or part-time over two years.  It is exclusively focused on research and offers transversal content from all the most important legal disciplines. All the subjects it offers are optional with the exception of the Master's Thesis. Eighteen subjects are in Spanish and 12 are in English.

  • Master in Advertising Strategy and Creativity

    Official Master's Degree given over two years which aims to awaken its students to the most competitive creative strategies for business communication, along with structural knowledge of management, marketing and economics. Some parts of the material are studied in Spanish, Catalonian and English.

  • Master in Advocacy

    This master’s degree from ESADE Law School will enable you to specialise in your chosen area of law. The master’s degree teaches project management and strategic planning techniques, favouring teamwork and ethical leadership while fostering innovative entrepreneurship.

  • Master in Anthropology: Advanced Research and Social Intervention

    Official professional and research-based Master composed of 3 possible specialisations: ethnographic and transcultural research; sociocultural and socio-environmental intervention; and transnational relations and spaces. It spans one academic course (60 ECTS)

  • Master in Applied Research in Economics and Business

    These days, analysing, investigating and understanding economics is more important than ever. This official Master presents an applied research method in economics and business and is aimed at students with a good command of the English language, training in economics and business, who are eager to partake in research. This is a one-year programme taught in English.

  • Master in Arts and Cultural Management

    130 cultural bodies collaborate with this official one-year Master's degree with professional work experience and taught in two language options: either in Spanish or in English. It provides the option of specialising in two areas: "Visual arts and cultural heritage" and "Creative cultural industries".

  • Master in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Contents

    Official one-year Master with either a professional (including one module of external professional fieldwork) or research-based orientation. Provides advanced training on audio-visual and advertising materials in the digital age.

  • Master in Business Administration and Production System

    Official one-year Master's degree taught by UCI and the Torino Polytechnic. It is characterised by the relevance it gives to the application of technology in business management, its focus on the pupil's professional development and the development of work experience e in companies both in Spain and abroad.

  • Master in Business Law

    Get advanced training in trade, civil, labour and tax law! With this official Master in Business Law, you will learn more about law and labour relations. This Master could be the first step toward a doctorate. You must accredit your university degree to be able to take this Master. Upon completion, you will receive an official degree accrediting your studies.

  • Master in Business Management

    This Official University Master's Degree in Business Management is offered by the University of Vic in partnership with the EADA School of Upper Management and Business Administration. The course can be studied either in English or in Spanish. To take the English option, students must have level C1 English. The master’s degree course takes one academic year and is taught on campus.

  • Master in Business Management (MBA) full time

    This MBA is an official Master's degree studied in English at the ESADE Business School for one academic year, but it is also possible to study it in 3 alternative versions: part time, executive and global executive. ESADE adds several relevant factors to the current MBA market: action-learning programme, Spanish classes, leadership and laboratory applied to the itinerary itself.

  • Master in Business Research

    Have you training in the business sector and do you want to specialise in research for organisational and management processes within the company? If you do, the university master in Business Research suggests a course designed and taught by the Universitat de Barcelona. You will get research and professional training in the different areas that make up the business.

  • Master in Communication and Business Strategic Management

    Would you like to acquire skills in organisation management and be able to design communication strategies targeted at the company? If you would and you have university training, this course is for you: Tthe university master's degree in Communication and Business Strategic Management, a course designed and taught, partly in person and partly remotely, by the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia.

  • Master in Creation and Management of Innovative Technology-Based Companies

    These days, innovation and technology go hand in hand. If you want to create new businesses and move into the future, start by studying this Master in Barcelona on the start-up and management of innovative and technology-based companies. You will learn R&D strategies and be taught the tools you need to manage innovative and technological companies. Being entrepreneurial, having a good idea and creating your own technological company will guarantee you a good future.

  • Master in Criminology and Penal Enforcement

    With the master’s degree in Criminology and Penal Enforcement you will acquire specific methodological knowledge to conduct empirical research in the field of criminology and learn more about the functioning of the criminal justice system and the execution of criminal sanctions.

  • Master in Criminology, Criminal Justice Policy and Sociology of Criminal Law

    Interdisciplinary Master based on the paradigm that criminal intervention should go hand in hand with social analysis of what the causes behind it and consequences that lead to it are. It is a one-year programme and there are two specialisations: Criminal Policy and Legal/Penal Sociology.

  • Master in Cultural Tourism

    Would you like to extend your knowledge of tourism and acquire skills to become a tourist destination manager or take up a managerial position in cultural tourism? The University of Girona offers you an official university Master's Degree in Cultural Tourism. You will receive specialised training in the cultural management of tourism activities.

  • Master in Economic Analysis

    Official two-year Master taught in English. The second year is a specialisation and concludes with a Master's thesis. The Master may be continued with doctoral studies specific to the IDEA programme, the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis.

  • Master in Economic History

    The master's degree in Economic History, a course designed and taught by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) which will enable you to analyse and resolve problems linked to society and the economy. You will develop your analytical skills and you will be able to apply methods of a theoretical and empiric nature to economic change processes.

  • Master in Economics

    If you have a degree in economics or business management and you wish to practise economic research and market analysis, finance and economic communities, register for this classroom-based Master from the Universidad de Barcelona. This two-year study programme will deepen your knowledge of micro- and macroeconomics, economic policies or regional economics. Moreover, these studies include English language classes to that students are able to work in the international sphere.

  • Master in Economics and Business Administration

    Official Master programme taught in English, lasting one year full-time. Provides knowledge that should increase one's capacity to analyse and apply theoretical principles to practical scenarios in public and private companies. It also provides a basis for doctoral research.

  • Master in Economics and Finance

    Are you interested in specialising in research in economics in order to develop a career as an expert in finance? The University Master's Degree in Economics and Finance is open to university graduates. It is designed by Pompeu Fabra University and taught by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (BGSE). 

  • Master in Education and ICT (e-learning)

    If you work in the education sector, now you can learn how to design e-learning projects and use ICT tools to develop training programmes. The official university master's degree in Education and ICT (e-learning) is a course designed by the Open University of Catalonia.

  • Master in Educational Psychology

    The master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Lleida will provide you with the necessary skills and competencies to organise, manage and innovate in educational psychology assistance teams and services, acting in two areas: subject-groups and training processes, in formal and informal education fields. You’ll receive professional training in educational psychology assessment, guidance and consultancy processes and informal assistance, work and information procedures.