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Health Sciences

  • Master in Advanced Immunology

    Official inter-university (UB and UAB) Master open to research and professional application providing integral knowledge on the immune system for assessment of pathological processes. This is a one-year programme and is taught in Spanish.

  • Master in Bioethics

    Official Master's degree lasting one academic year, the object of which is to reflect on and analyse ethical life issues and conflicts of values arising from bioethical research - a discipline that is more and more relevant for everyday health.  Taught in person and also online.

  • Master in Biomedicine

    Official Master, primarily research-based. It also qualifies you for professional work in clinical analysis and the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. This is a one-year programme with 60 ECTS. It is aimed at graduates in biomedical or health sciences. Other candidates can partake in the programme with complementary studies.

  • Master in Health management

    Official Master's degree targeted at health personnel, clinical doctors and nurses, interested in receiving higher-level training in health centre management. It is an interdisciplinary Master's degree that combines knowledge of economics, business sciences, law and engineering, besides work experience.

  • Master in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation

    Fourth edition of the official Master's Degree taught by Guttmann Neurorehabilitation Institute of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the facilities of the Institute in the city of Badalona, for one week a month from Monday to Friday (9 to 13 h and 14 to 17). It is a program of improvement in neuropsychological techniques and rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment caused by brain damage, dementia and aging.

    The Master's degree in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation is aimed at university graduates in the field of health and life, motivated by teamwork, logical reasoning ability, scientific and technological advances and a good command of English language. Students will acquire theoretical knowledge about the relationship of the nervous system and cognitive skills, and be able to design therapeutic plans using current cognitive intervention strategies, evaluate their impact and generate new ideas based on scientific evidence.

    It offers two specialization options: professional and research. The 60 credits can be studied full in one year or part time, in two years of study. It has an online platform to facilitate the study and communication among students.

  • Master in Nutrition and metabolism

    Official University Master's degree lasting one academic year with three specialist itineraries:  one for research and two for creating professionals: healthy food and clinical nutrition. It is taught through cooperation by three Catalonian universities: Rovira i Virgili University, Barcelona University and the Balearic Islands University.

  • Master in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology

    This is a two-year official Master which is one part theoretical learning, composed of the theoretical modules of the course, and one part practise, which is carried out with the research project.  The course is taught exclusively in English.

  • Master in Public Health

    If you have higher level training in the health sciences sector and you would like to specialise in the management of public health in the administration, this course is for you. University master's degree in  Public Health, a course coordinated by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and which the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona also participates in. The course will train you to work in both public and private health services.

  • Master in Research Methodology Applied to Nursing Care

    Official Master that opens the door to research in nursing. Introduces students and professionals to the foundations for research: bibliographic databases, scientific reports, analysis and interpreation of instruments for measure.

  • Master in Research in Behavior and Cognition

    Official master's degree in Research into Behaviour and Cognition, designed and taught by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). A training programme that springs from a desire to train researchers in both theory and processes at top level with regard to research methodologies in behavioural sciences.

  • Master in Research in Health

    Official Master's degree focused on research and lasting one year. You have the option of taking the course semi-remotely while you work or to enrolling part-time over 2 years. It is targeted at professionals in the health sector: nurses, physiotherapeutists, psychologists, doctors, nutritionists and dieticians.

  • Master in Swine Health and Production

    Official one-year Master with either a professional (including one module of external professional fieldwork) or research-based orientation. UAB, the University of Zaragoza and UCM also participate. This is the eighth year of this veteran Master's degree.

  • Master in Telemedicine

    If you want to orient your professional future to the field of health management through management of information and communications technology, do not miss out this training. The Master in telemedicine, one training designed and delivered by the Open University of Catalunya that enable you to implement improvements in health systems such as health teleconsultation training.