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Arts and Humanities

  • Master in Advanced English Studies

    The official Master in Advanced English Studies is aimed at students and professionals who are fluent in English and who wish to specialise in teaching the English language. This postgrad is taught in the afternoons in the Department of English Philology of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona; it is a one-year programme. It is part of the Official Postgrad Programme of Language and Literature, which concludes with the doctorate. Natural professional opportunities include teaching in secondary school and doctoral and postdoctoral research.

  • Master in Advanced Spanish and Latin American Literature Studies

    On this master’s degree course, you can study Spanish and Latin American literature in depth, interrelating historic, literary, aesthetic and ideological aspects of both cultures, and apply a scientific methodology in analysing authors, works and periods in the context of Barcelona as a centre for promoting numerous Latin American authors who have gained international recognition since the boom in Latin American literature began.

  • Master in Analytical Philosophy

    Would you like to enrich your skills and knowledge in the field of philosophical analysis and research? The Master in Analytical Philosophy presents a course designed and taught by the Universitat de Barcelona. You will acquire resources for dominating logical-philosophical tools and be able to apply your analytical skills to educational or research tasks.

  • Master in Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition in Multilingual Contexts

    Official Master aimed at research on the acquisition of foreign languages. It is aimed at degree-holders with linguistic or psycholinguistic knowledge who consequently wish to conduct research, especially on Philology, Linguistics, Psychology, Translation and Interpretation, Pedagogy, Teacher Training. It is taught entirely in English.

  • Master in Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Policy

    If you have a university degree in arts or social sciences you are eligible for this Master in Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Policy in Barcelona. You will study the ethics and policy of citizenship and obtain an interdisciplinary education from the UB and the UDG taught at the UB Department of Philosophy. Upon completion, you will receive an official degree accrediting your studies. You must present a university degree to take this Master.

  • Master in Cognitive Science and Language

    If your professional attitude centres on the field of linguistics or philosophy, whether in the areas of education or research, now you have the opportunity to specialise in cognitive and linguistic research processes. The official master's degree in Cognitive Science and Language provides a course designed by the Universitat de Barcelona.

  • Master in Computer-Assisted Translation: Translation Technologies

    The current labour market needs translators who can work with translation technologies and digital formats. The process of translating in the knowledge society is developed by using technology more effectively and productively and has generated the need to translate a variety of digital formats with the help of specific computer tools and resources; this involves the translation of all kinds of texts supplied in digital format, such as web pages, smartphone programmes, televisions, etc. The ability to work with these tools is also essential in any specialised translation field, such as scientific and technical fields or the legal sphere. The Master’s Degree in Computer-Assisted Translation: Translation technologies provide students with the opportunity to develop a competitive professional profile in the sector of language services with a wide range of functions: project management, web localisation, multimedia, programming, apps for mobile devices and video games, desktop publishing, quality control, machine translation, post-editing, etc.

  • Master in Cultural management

    Interuniversity master's degree (UOC, UIB and UdG) over one academic year that trains professionals in a new profession in the field of the humanities: cultural management. The course has a local and international focus to train experts in the cultural sector in three specific areas: interpretation of heritage; cultural tourism; cultural industries.

  • Master in Foreign Language Teaching: Spanish as a Foreign Language / English as a Foreign Language

    Official one-year university Master's degree that teaches both advanced knowledge of the language (Spanish or English) and the knowledge and skills necessary for transmitting it.  For Spanish and for English, it has both the option of creating professionals and the research option on a possible doctorate itinerary.

  • Master in Heritage (specialisation in Cultural and Natural Heritage)

    The master's degree course prepares professionals to be able to respond to the challenges presented by the complex world of natural and cultural heritage (sustainability, ethics, management, etc.), integrating these aspects into one sole concept: cultural landscape. Students will be trained to handle projects related to the research, protection, management, recovery and dissemination of natural and cultural heritage in any location (preferably in the context of the Mediterranean) and at any scale. They will also gain knowledge of the most suitable information and communication technologies for dissemination and research purposes, of dissemination and communication policies, and of the most suitable working techniques for each field.

  • Master in Humanistic and Social Studies

    The aim of the official Master’s Degree in Humanistic and Social Studies at Abat Oliba University CEU is to enable students to acquire advanced, multidisciplinary training as an introduction to research in the humanities and social sciences. The subjects that make up the university master’s degree course are designed to provide students with an in-depth, precise and open vision of major philosophical and cultural problems in the light of classical thought, particularly that of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

  • Master in Language Teaching: Spanish as a Foreign Language

    The Master’s Degree in Language Teaching: Spanish as a Foreign Language will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the language and the theoretical, technical and teaching methodology foundations required to be a good Spanish teacher.

  • Master in Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution - Erasmus Mundus

    Would you like to specialise in archaeological fieldwork focusing on the Quaternary Period and train to work in the management of archaeological conservation projects? The University Master's Degree in Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution is designed and taught by Rovira i Virgili University in partnership with four prestigious European universities. 

  • Master in Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature and Spanish as a Foreign Language

    This is an official one-year Master that approaches both the linguistic and literary aspects of the Spanish language in all its variants. It is taught in the afternoons, starting at 3pm, in the Department of Philosophy and Language of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Its objective is to respond to the labour demand of Spanish teachers and also to prepare the student for doctoral research.

  • Master in Spanish and Catalonian Taught as Second Languages

    Official University Master's degree that provides the advantage of doing work experience at foreign universities and the possibility of being a candidate for an "Erasmus placement" grant. It prepares you both for research and for professional development. It lasts one year (60 ECTS)

  • Master in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management

    The relationship between society and land use is the object of research for this Master. The official Master is taught in Spanish and focusses on research and professional application to thus combine theoretical contents with analysis and the resolution of practical cases.

  • Master in Theatre Studies

    This research-based official Master is coordinated by the UAB, with the participation of the University of Pompeu Fabra and the Barcelona Theatre Institute. It is aimed at graduates in the dramatic arts and philologists. This is a one-year programme requiring complete dedication.

  • Master in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

    Official Master's degree in linguistics lasting one year - or two part-time - offering research specialising in three areas: "formal and descriptive linguistics", "acquiring and learning languages" and "lexicon and terminology", from which only the third is also career-focused.

  • Master in Translation Studies

    If you are interested in translation in professional fields, this master’s degree offers training in different types of specialist translation (humanities-literary, scientific-technical, legal-economic) and interpreting. The academic side combines theory and application.

  • Master in Translation, Interpretation and Intercultural Studies

    The UAB official Master in translation lasts one year and aims to train and prepare translation professionals to integrate into the labor market. There are 4 specialisations: Intercultural Mediation and Translation; Interpretation; Translation Studies; and Research in Contemporary East Asia. The latter two are research-based

  • Master in Urban Design: Art, City and Society

    Understanding an urban project as an element within the framework of other existing contents in the city, public space. This is the main concept sustaining this official Master, which aspires to train urban design specialists. We recommend that candidates have a basic knowledge on the contemporary practices of urban design and public art.

  • Master in World History

    An official university master’s degree course taught by Institute of History Jaume Vicens Vives and the University Pompeu Fabra Department of Humanities on the Ciutadella Campus. Research into the interconnection of human society in its historical evolution from the perspective of World History.

    The Master's Degree in World History reviews the mechanisms of political power in empires, states, nations and colonies on 5 continents; global phenomena of starvation, genocide, diaspora, migration, slavery and war; cultural identities regarding their vision of family, religion, gender, ethnicity, class, nation and state; globalisation (cooperation - competition overall) in the transnational comparative framework; and political, economic and cultural analysis from the longue durée, among other fundamental expertise.

    Intended for graduate students in humanities, it offers the possibility of taking the route of academic specialisation or research supporting the training of historians sensitive to diversity and the historical roots of the global world.

  • Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation

    The Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation (MUTAV) of the Department of Translation, Interpreting and East Asian Studies of the Autonomous University of Barcelona aims to provide all-round training for students who would like to specialise in this field, with modules on different audiovisual translation and multimedia techniques, as well as dubbing, subtitling, subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, audio description, multimedia translation and video game translation, among others.  The master's degree course is the result of the merger of the Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation (on-site MTAV) and the online European Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation (virtual METAV), endorsed by fifteen years’ experience.