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University pre-enrolment

The university pre-enrolment process is a coordinated system for the distribution of university places which ensures equal conditions for students entering their first year of any bachelor's degree course. This system is not used for admission to official university master’s degree courses, for which pre-enrolment applications should be made directly to the centre offering the degree course.

When a student completes the university pre-enrolment process, he or she can apply for up to 8 bachelor’s degree preferences (at different study centres), which must be in order of preference. You do not have to fill in all 8 preferences.

Staff at the University Admissions Office and its sub-offices can help you with any query. There are computers available, which you can use to pre-enrol on working days within the pre-enrolment period established.

You can pre-enrol at university online at: https://accesnet.gencat.cat

University Admissions Office

Via Laietana, 2

08003 Barcelona

Tel.: (+34) 93 223 03 23

E-mail: Citizens’Mailbox Accesnet

Update:  17.07.2015