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Official recognition of university studies

Before a university degree can be officially recognised throughout Spain, you must apply to the academic centre or the regional office of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Students must have all documents legalised and translated before initiating any other procedure. Official recognition of degrees entitles students to begin a new university degree course or to access a master’s or doctorate degree course, and implies recognition to be able to practice professionally.

It must be issued by a university or higher education centre. The centre issuing the degree must be official. The degree obtained must be officially valid in the education system of the country in which it was issued.

A fee must be paid for the official recognition and validation of foreign degrees and courses of study, and is essential for the process to be undertaken.

Documentation to be submitted:

  • Certified copy of the degree or of the certificate accrediting issue of the degree.
  • Certified copy of the original academic transcript containing the subjects studied, official duration, number of hours per subject, marks, etc.
  • ID card, passport or other proof of nationality.
  • Proof of payment of the fee established by the Spanish Ministry of Education to begin the official recognition process.
  • A properly completed application form.


It can be applied for at any time, bearing in mind that the process takes approximately six months.


  • The decision may be in favour of recognition. To enter the first year of a course, the student must apply for a place by completing the university pre-enrolment process.
  • The decision may be in favour of recognition, but this will depend on the student passing a combined exam at the centre offering the degree course. Once the exam has been passed successfully and recognition obtained, the student must complete the university pre-enrolment process.
  • If recognition is not given, the student may apply for partial validation of studies.

Where to apply

  • Spanish Consulate or Embassy in the student’s country of origin

  • Spanish Ministry of Education
    Registro General 
    C/ De los Madrazo, 15
    28012 Madrid
    Tel.: (+34) 91 3277681

  • Delegation of the Spanish Government in Catalonia Education Inspectorate
    C/ Bergara, 12, 1a planta
    08002 Barcelona
    Tel.: (+34) 93 520 96 03
    Fax: (+34) 93 520 96 88
Update:  25.05.2017