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1st International University and Inclusion Congress

At this first congress, research can be presented—in the form of oral papers only—that marks a significant advance in the care of people with disabilities at universities in any of the academic fields in which universities are active.



Date07.11.2017 - 08.11.2017

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1st International University and Inclusion Congress


In 2005, the Inter-university Council of Catalonia's (CIC) UNIDISCAT (University and Disability in Catalonia) project joined other initiatives being implemented by Catalan universities. This project's goal was to create objective conditions capable of guaranteeing equal opportunities for disabled students, both in terms of access and inclusion in Catalan universities and in terms of the carrying out of university studies, and to lay down certain minimum general rules and guidelines on the criteria to be used when making syllabus adaptations, teaching proposals and assessment proposals, for all those cases in which this might be necessary.

One of the outcomes of that project was the creation in 2006 of the UNIDISCAT Technical Committee, in which all of the universities in the Catalan system will be represented.

In recent years, UNIDISCAT has organised seminars and workshops with the aim of bringing the tasks performed by university services that attend to the university community with special educational needs into line with current practice. These policies have been supported by funding from annual calls, implemented through the AGAUR, which seek to move these projects forward in the universities that form part of the Catalan system.

1st International University and Inclusion Congress. This first congress will be held on 7 and 8 November 2017, in Barcelona, at the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Medicine.

It targets research teams, specialists and organisations associated with the university sphere who have undertaken research projects and tasks related with the care of people with disabilities at universities. Our wish is for this event to become a biennial benchmark platform for highlighting research on this issue, where a lot of work and analysis still needs to be done.

Oral paper presentation tables will alternate with speakers from the University of Seville, the University of Birmingham (UK), Aachen University, Manchester Metropolitan University and the European Agency on Special Needs and Inclusive Education.


Faculty of Medicine - University of Barcelona (UB)

Carrer de Casanova, 143

08036 Barcelona